Redbook Magazine #StrongSexyYou Burpee Challenge

You can win a FREE outfit from @redlinegr and a #headband from @klarakellydesigns!

This isn’t April fools’! Our @redbookmag ‪#‎StrongSexyYou ‪#‎Burpee challenge starts April 1.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, burpees are a full body exercise that targets all your muscles at once—say hello to strong arms, sexy abs and a killer booty! Do your burpees at home, do your burpees at the park, do your burpees anywhere you want.
Unlike other typical burpee challenges, we won’t ask you to work your way up to 100 boring burpees on day 21… you’ll be experiencing fun, functional, fitness with our variations. ‪#‎IHeartBurpees ‪#‎ToeTheLine #StrongSexyYou

Here’s how to win:
1. Join @Redbook Magazine’s #StrongSexyYou page:
2. Do the #RedbookMagazine 21-day burpee challenge:
3. Snap a quick pix or video of your burpee workouts
4. Post on facebook or instagram and tag #StrongSexyYou
5. Every day that you post & tag #StrongSexyYou your chances of winning will increase (1 post=1 chance to win, 21 posts= 21 chances to win)
6. Two lucky winners will earn the chance to win an workout outfit compliments of #RedLineGear or a headband from #KlaraKellyDesigns

How awesome is that?! Tag your friends, follow @RedLineGear & @KlaraKellyDesigns… and lets do this!  xo
Coach Angela




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