REDBOOK’s #StrongSexyYou Abs Challenge

Hi my name is Angela Salveo, #StrongSexyYou fitness expert for Redbook Magazine. This month’s challenge is: “Get Strong (and sexy) to the Core”. Check out all the details on

Strengthen You Core

Strengthen you core with these awesome ab exercises and sexy back workouts you can do at home or outside. Stick to all 21 days and you’ll definitely notice a difference for a tighter, toned tummy (just in time for the beach days this summer)!

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Each day for the next 21 days you’ll do a brand new exercise to keep you motivated through the whole month! You only need to do the exercise listed for that specific day. Follow along in the video for all the instructions and modifications.

How It Works

Depending on your starting level, do 10-20 repetitions of each exercise for 3-5 sets with :30-:60 seconds of rest in between each set.

Week 1

1. Reaching Plank
2. Hollow Hold
3. Tuck to hollow
4. Single leg V-ups
5. Butterfly Sit up
6. Bent leg Windshield wipers
7. Quadriped with leg lift glute squeeze

Week 2

8. Single leg plank – Spiderman plank
9. Hollow Rocks
10. Seated med ball rotation
11. Leg raise with hip lift and lower
12. Standing med ball wood chop center & sides
13. Windmill
14. Back Extension Swimmers

Week 3

15. Arm Marching in plank
16. V-sit to hollow or tuck to hollow
17. Sit up to shoulder press
18. Straight leg Windshield wiper
19. V-sit hold or 2 leg v-ups
20. Seated tuck into extension or hanging knee raise
21. Pushup rotate to side plank lift/lower



Redbook Magazine #StrongSexyYou Burpee Challenge

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This isn’t April fools’! Our @redbookmag ‪#‎StrongSexyYou ‪#‎Burpee challenge starts April 1.

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, burpees are a full body exercise that targets all your muscles at once—say hello to strong arms, sexy abs and a killer booty! Do your burpees at home, do your burpees at the park, do your burpees anywhere you want.
Unlike other typical burpee challenges, we won’t ask you to work your way up to 100 boring burpees on day 21… you’ll be experiencing fun, functional, fitness with our variations. ‪#‎IHeartBurpees ‪#‎ToeTheLine #StrongSexyYou

Here’s how to win:
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Coach Angela