Redbook Magazine #StrongSexyYou HIIT Challenge

Have any of you ever tried HIIT workouts? Well, you’re about to, because HIIT is our theme for March!

These High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are fast-paced, metabolism blasting, FAT BURNING and specifically designed to challenge your body from every angle. Transform your body (just in time for summer) with our combination of cardio and strength moves for a stronger, sexier bod. It’s time to TURN UP THE HEAT!!

Here are the rules for the March Redbook Magazine #StrongSexyYou challenge:

1) Prepare your mind to enter a new way of working out. Every single day will be a new and different HIIT workout – they are short, but designed to be higher in intensity so you’ll keep your metabolism fired up long after you’re done with your workout. Are YOU ready?
2) I’ll provide you a warm up to do before each workout. DO NOT SKIP this part – if you do, your chances of injury increase, so please do the warm up every single day.
3) Every day, share your HIIT workout time in the comments below the daily post and tag your friends so they can cheer you on (and so you can help to keep them accountable, too!)!
4) Remember to HAVE FUN, sweat a lot and remember your WHY.

All the details:

~Coach Angela
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