Dear Diary…

Do you keep a fitness journal?

You should.

Keeping a fitness journal holds you accountable to your goals, helps you see what works and what doesn’t work, tracks your progress and keeps you motivated. I have kept a fitness journal since I can remember – it helps me stay motivated as I work toward goals. I used to use a good ol’ fashioned paper/pen on my calendar so I could flip through it and visually see my progress, but I now use my smartphone calendar and an app to keep me on track. Yup, there’s an app (many of them) for that! Some of my favorites I’ve used in the past are: Xercise, CardioTrainer, MyFitnessPal,  Runkeeper and now I use Wodify, which is a CrossFit membership based app. What are some of your favorites?

Use a journal to write down (in detail) your goals, your plan and what you actually do for your workout including your warm-up, your workout (including repetitions, time, how much weight you used), any modifications to the workout, the results of the workout, and be sure to jot down any thoughts or feelings you had in regards to the day (how much sleep you got, your energy level, sex drive, work productivity, moods, any of it…and all of it).

When you journal, it’s a lot of fun to be able to look back and see how far you’ve progressed. And if you have a day that you’re being hard on yourself (we ALL have those days now and then), it’s encouraging to see you’ve really have come a long way already and it’s a reminder that journeys are full of peaks and valleys. Remember to accept the challenges that you may be facing (embrace them) because you need to know that these challenges will. make. you. stronger.

So, grab a pen and paper or fire up your smartphone and get journaling!


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