Running in the Rain

“Life gives you lemons, make lemonade” they say.

We’ve all heard it before. Whether you decide to make lemonade or a dangerous margarita (sans sugar of course), this optimist saying means something different for everyone.

For some of us it simply means that when life throws lemons at you, you squeeze the shit out of it until something good comes of it.

So yesterday I decided I would make the most of my commutes going forward (I already work on the bus when most others are sleeping) but now with Memorial Day Murph in the near future (1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 1 mile run…all with a weight vest), I figured I would start running from Port Authority to the Hearst Tower again (exactly 1 mile) with my 20+# backpack. (I occasionally did this through the winter…to stay warm.)

Last year I did the hero WOD, Murph, without a weight vest…that was tough. This year, I want to wear the extra weight, so I’m using the opportunity I have during my commute to train for it.

During my rainy commute into the city this morning I made up my mind that I would still run even in the rain. Screw the lemons. Walking out of Port Authority, I was pleasantly surprised to see the rain had just stopped.  I cranked up my tunes, buckled up my 20# backpack and ran up 8th Avenue singing out loud like a crazy person (just trying to blend in)!

Rainy days are your perfect chance to make the decision to leave the lemons sitting there to rot or pick them up and squeeze the pulp out of them!

Have a happy day!




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