Cupid CrossFit

Experts say that the duo that exercises together stays together, and we are living proof.  We met and spent eight years as colleagues at the same fitness company before opening CrossFit Salus in Middletown, NJ in April 2013. But that’s not all: We just celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary in January!

Celebrate your Valentine’s Day by making a plan to workout together with your honey because the benefits are endless…here are my top three reasons from last month’s post.

Click the image below to take you to our Cupid CrossFit workout featured in Redbook magazine online.


Try these workouts with your Valentine and remember to have fun and push yourselves!

1. Run & Partner Ball AMRAP in 15 minutes
a. Run 0.5 miles together then do AMRAP in 15 minutes (As many rounds as possible)
b. 20 Squat Ball Toss (Both of you squat at the same time while one of you throws a ball up and over to your partner, catch, squat and repeat!)
c. 10 Russian Twist (Stand with your back to eachother and rotate 5 times in one direction & 5 times in the other direction as you pass the ball back and forth)
d. 20 Sit Up Pass (Both of you does a sit up at the same time while one of you touches the ball over your head and passes it to your partner, sit up and repeat!)
2. 42, 30, 18 total reps split evenly (Complete all 42 reps of the burpee box jumps and then 42 partner rows. Then do 30 of each exercise. Then do 18 of each exercise)
a. Alternating single Burpee Box Jumps (Partner A does a burpee then a box jump. As soon as partner A stands up on the box, Partner B can start their burpee. Continue alternating)
b. Partner row (Partner A holds on to the bar with their legs on the Partner B’s shoulders to assist with the body weight row)
3. 5 RFT
a. Run 1 mile together then do 5 RFT (rounds for time) of
b. 3 Plank/Lateral hop over (Complete 3 reps each partner) (Partner A holds the plank position on their elbows while Partner B does a lateral hop (or modify with a side step) over Partner A’s legs.
c. 3 “Junk Yard Dog” (Complete 3 reps each partner) (Partner A gets into the downward dog while Partner B crawls under. Then Partner A lowers down into a pushup position while Partner B jumps over)
d. 3 Wheelbarrow pushup (Complete 3 reps each partner) (scale/modify: :10 sec hold, no pushup) (Partner A starts laying on the ground. Partner B holds on to Partner A’s legs. Partner A can choose to hold the plank with their feet elevated or do a pushup)
4. Pet Rock 2RFT (split reps as needed, only one person works at a time, just don’t set the weight down and complete all 50 of one exercise before moving on to the next).
a. 50 KB Swings
b. 50 KB Goblet Squats (hold the weight close to your chest)
c. 50 Sumo Deadlift High Pull
d. 50 Pass-through Lunges (Both of you lunge at the same time. Partner A has the kettlebell first and steps forward with their right leg into a lunge; holding the kettle bell in their left hand to pass it under the right leg to the right hand and step back to stand)
5. Run relay 4 RFT
a. AMRAP burpees while partner runs 1 lap around the block (approx. 200 meter) (AMRAP= As Many Reps As Possible=count the total number of burpees you and your partner can do for the four rounds)
6. Body Weight: AMRAP in 18 minutes (As Many Rounds As Possible)
a. 4 Squat Circles (hold on to eachother’s opposite wrists and stay in a squat – stay low & rotate around in a circle – two in one direction; two in the other direction)
b. 8 Partner Row (Partner A lays down while partner B stands over with the legs bent and core tight to protect the lower back. Hold on to eachother’s forearms and do the body weight row- Each partner does 8 rows)
c. 12 Pushup Clap (Separate your legs during this pushups for extra stability. Both of you does a pushup at the same time and as you come up, clap opposite hands)
d. 16 Sit Up clap (Face eachother; both you does a sit up at the same time and as you jump up, give eachother a high five!)
e. 20 high five vertical jumps (Squat at the same time and jump high for a high five!)
7. Stretch (hold each stretch for 1-2 minutes)
a. Chest Stretch
b. Pike Stretch
c. Straddle stretch
d. Foam Roller Thoracic-Spine and Overhead Stretch


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