I Just Want to Sweat

Gino and I often banter back and forth about how much we’d rather be dripping in sweat on a hot, humid summer day than be chilled to the bone in the middle of February. And it’s so true. You’ll never find me complaining about the heat.

So this morning, it wasn’t too hard to convince him to come with me to a *GASP* globo gym, just so I could run on a *gasp* treadmill  to feel the sweat dripping in my eyes. The last thing I wanted to do was put on 3 layers and pray I wouldn’t slip on some ice. Today, all I wanted to do was go for a run and sweat a lot (and not worry about the kids).

As we pulled in the parking lot, I said to him (with a slight guilty laugh), “I’m sure there will be some fun people watching here.” And there was. We dropped the twins at the kids care and checked the layout. Yup, all the treadmills were full, just like little hamsters going no where on wheels, we jumped right in the endless loop with them. But today I didn’t care. I blasted my tunes and pushed myself with speed and incline for 3 miles.

After the run, we headed over in the corner (next to the man doing some very intricate Top Half Bicep Curls), and grabbed a barbell for some overhead squats and back squats.  At a globo gym, you’re frowned upon if you grunt or yell, dropping weights is a definite no-no, and there’s knurling on the middle of the bar that can really scrape up your neck. So, while I didn’t PR my overhead squat, I was excited to back squat 5 strong reps at 185#, 3 reps at 195# and a couple sets of 2 with Gino’s spot on the second rep at 200#. This is exciting because I finally surpassed my goal of back squatting 1.5 of my body weight (based on CrossFit.com strength standards). Maybe I could have gotten that second rep on my own if I belted out a little yell.

As the hour passed, I realized from a different perspective, how much more advanced our box was without all the equipment. I felt such a lack of ability to perform sprints on the treadmill at the intensity that I wanted and my overhead squat felt limited, too. The movements that we learn at CrossFit are so much more advanced and you don’t require all these machines that line the walls. Of course you couldn’t help but notice some people attempting to do CrossFit style workouts with the obvious space and equipment limitations of a typical ‘globo gym’. A globo gym will NEVER compare to what you will receive at a CrossFit box but it was a good substitute for what my needs were today.

I didn’t think I would step into a globo gym now that my heart and soul is at CrossFit Salus, but it just felt good to go for a run and sweat on a chilly New Jersey February day. And, I’m OK with that.

globo gym


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