Don’t Be S.A.D., Just Be Happy

The Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is just that. Sad.

I chose this particular topic today because this Google alert hit my inbox this morning: “A decade of urging Americans to embrace healthier food habits appears to be paying off, researchers say.” Good news, right?

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition posted results from a study earlier this month that I found interesting.  Some suggest that people are less likely to become obese today because tough economic times are forcing them to eat less. Instead, the study shows that long-term efforts to educate Americans about healthy eating habits and food choices are paying off.

In that same Google alert, however; I see, “Most Supermarket Coupons Promote Junk Food, Sugary Drinks.” Well. Duh. We just can’t win. It’s a constant battle.

We have gotten so used to eating processed fake (SAD) foods that we consider it okay; some people even think it’s healthy. Heck, if the BOX says it’s “gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, fat free, or it has ‘organic cane sugar'” it must be good for you, right? Wrong. It’s good for the food industry. Money in their pockets. Sadly, eating this way is killing us.

The only way to achieve success with changing your lifestyle from S.A.D. to WHOLE is removing the temptations, eliminating the addictions, and making the choice to avoid the convenience of this junk. We so often choose foods simply because they are “convenient” and don’t give much thought to the fact that they are full of nutritionally bankrupt ingredients including sugar, unhealthy fats, sodium, chemicals and additives.

So, what can we do about it?

Get started today.

  • Clean out your cupboard- eliminate packaged foods. Don’t treat your body like a trash can. Toss the junk.
  • Next time you’re at the store, choose whole, unprocessed foods.  If you do choose to purchase packaged foods, READ THE INGREDIENT LIST. If you don’t know what something is in the ingredient list, don’t buy it.  A Cashew Cookie Lara bar for example, has two ingredients: Cashews and Dates. A Luna bar; however, has 25 ingredients. Bottom line, Mother Nature knows best.
  • Look at food as fuel for your body. Try to steer previous habits of turning to food as a reward, for comfort, for celebration, or just because you’re bored.
  • Educate yourself. And try a 30-day challenge to get you started. One of our favorites is The Whole 30.

Let me know how you do. Happy eating!

Now, doesn't this look like a HAPPY birthday "cake"?! My mom did an AWESOME job carving the fruit!

Now, doesn’t this look like a HAPPY birthday “cake”?! My mom did an AWESOME job carving the fruit!


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