Remembering the WHY

As I lay in the fetal position on the cold black rubber mat staring at the 45# kettlebell, my mind starts to taunt me… I hear a faint “maybe you should have chosen the 35# kettlebell” and “you’re seriously only on the 10th turkish get-up and it’s 4 minutes in”.VID_20140128_180227_103_0604

But I quickly push those negative thoughts away and focus on the WHY as I shove that kettlebell over my head and stand up aggressively.

I’m not here for a “good sweat session” and to “burn mega calories”. Those days are well over.
I’m in training.
And tonight we’re doing the hero WOD, Arnie.
The CrossFit Games Open is only 30 days away and I’m focused on doing well – better than last year, which was my first year competing. Yes, it’s true. I have big goals of someday making it to  Regionals. The only thing that stands in my way are the landmines my mind throws at me (namely fear and distractions).

It’s important to understand that nearly every goal we set naturally comes with obstacles (aka: landmines). So if one day your mind starts tossing negative mind-bombs your way like mine did tonight (and it will), recognize it when it happens, take a deep breath & quickly eliminate them by taking control and taking action…and you can achieve nearly anything.

“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” Henry David Thoreau


One thought on “Remembering the WHY

  1. Love this. Now that I think about it, it’s a great play on words -“landmine”. Those negative mind-bombs literally try to mess you up in the “land of your mind”. Haha

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