Top 5 Healthy Tips

January is almost over; have you kept up with your resolution (or did you even make one)? Here are five tips and tricks to help you stay healthy and happy through 2014. Get your family involved, too!

1) SLEEP! Get the rest that you need so your hormones stay balanced. Balanced hormones help to control your appetite, reduce your risk of disease, keep your skin clear and aid in muscle repair and stress management. Studies suggest aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep a night.

2) EAT WHOLE FOODS Make a point to start omitting processed foods in your kitchen. Do not look at this as a diet; clean eating is a way of life. Our energy, skin, and health is directly correlated to what we put in our bodies.

3) EXERCISE DAILY So many benefits exist from daily exercise: combats disease, controls weight, improves mode, energy, sleep and your sex life. Even if you don’t have an hour in a day to “get to the gym”, find sneaky ways you can fit it in. Turn off the TV; turn on the music and dance with your kids. Get your friends involved and change your regular happy hour at the bar to a happy hour at your local CrossFit box. You’ve heard it before…park further away, take the stairs, just move more. You’ll exude so much more energy after a workout.

4) MANAGE STRESS It is our choice how we react to situations. Research actually shows that stressors are not the cause of health issues, rather it is our reaction to these stressors that measure whether the future will hold negative health consequences. This can actually predict health problems for 10 years down the road, regardless of our present health. So next time you find yourself sitting in traffic, take a deep breath and just realize it’s out of your control, so accept it for what it is and try exchanging that frustrated attitude for gratitude (or just try cranking up the radio and sing really loud, that helps, too).

5) REMOVE TOXINS Get rid of all beauty and household products that contain toxins. Your skin is your largest organ; any dangerous substances can penetrate the skin and enter the blood stream and affect vital organs in your body. Parabens, petroleum, and other harmful chemicals are often used in other bands of cosmetics. Educate yourself and take action now to reduce the burden to your body of chemicals with these known disease implications.


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