BareEscentuals Power Player

I’m honored to be featured as the January 2014 “Power Player” by my favorite beauty brand, Bare Escentuals.  Below are a few background questions they asked as part of my feature.

•         What does bare beauty mean to you? Bare beauty to me means exuding your beauty from the inside, out. Smiling with your eyes, demonstrating patience and understanding with whatever life throws at you and projecting self-confidence without being presumptuous.

•         What’s your best feature and why do you think so? My eyes. They’re a bit chameleon; sometimes they look blue and sometimes they look green depending on what eyeshadow and shirt I wear. Also, I try to always engage my eyes when I smile.

•         What’s your one piece of advice for a young girl who is just getting in to makeup? Haha! It’s funny, because when I get together with my nieces, they always ask if I brought my make up with me. Aunt Ang loves to help them accentuate their beautiful faces and I use my bareMinerals make up on them! I tell them to keep it looking natural and not like a clown.  Of course a little extra sparkly eyeshadow can be key to that extra big smile.

•         Do you like what you see in the mirror? This can be a loaded question. I used to use the mirror as a reflection to determine my self-confidence based on how I physically looked. As a collegiate cheerleader and former NPC figure competitor, I put a lot of pressure on myself. In the past 5 years I’ve learned to finally let go of submitting to any cultural judgments that mentally wore me down. Now, when I look in the mirror, I see a strong mommy of toddler twins who is more in tune with her body than I’ve ever been. Women spend a lot of time analyzing and trying to fix the things that we think aren’t quite right about ourselves. We need to spend more time appreciating the things that make us feel good about ourselves; goals we accomplish, our strength, our relationships.

•         Are you self-confident? I am. I think there’s beauty in strength, and I think anyone that carries themselves with confidence is beautiful.  I believe that self-confidence comes from your ability to recognize and be thankful for your body’s gifts as well as your shortcomings and be OK with it. I am grateful that this body of mine has carried, birthed, and fed twins. And I’m OK that my body may not ever look like it did in college but happier with it now that I was then. I am grateful for my natural beauty. And I’m OK with the occasional blemish. I am grateful that this body of mine is stronger than ever. But I’m definitely OK to fail occasionally as I continue to have goals to work toward.

•         What’s your gift? How do you share it with the world? I feel so blessed I get to do what I love to do. I’ve been in the fitness industry since 2000 at Iowa State University and now my husband and I own CrossFit Salus in Middletown, NJ. I also train in New York City. Nothing is more rewarding that helping someone get motivated and achieve their goals. One of the common goals I hear is to ‘drop a few pounds’ but the most rewarding goals to help someone achieve are health related or performance based. When a client of mine delivers a healthy baby or gets their first body weight pullup that is huge!

•         What is the one word your friends would use to describe you? Honest.

•         When do you feel most powerful? Although I’m a girly girl and like to wear make-up and pink sneakers, I also like to lift heavy. I feel most powerful when I’m at the box immersed in a CrossFit WOD.

•         Where do you get your confidence? I get my confidence from a few places. My family, my friends, my experiences and my faith. My family has always encouraged me to experience new things even if they don’t work out; I wouldn’t know if I didn’t try. My husband challenges me to constantly reach out of my comfort zone and push my limits. It’s important to have a community of friends that I feel 100% comfortable around; that means if one of us fails, we’re there to boost each other up. My experiences have given me the confidence to put myself out there and face pretty much anything thrown at me because I know I’ve been successful before and I can be again. And finally, and most importantly, my confidence comes from the peace within knowing that whatever happens in life, it’s for a reason and God is in control. I know this because our twins were born after 5 years of trying and almost giving up. I know this because my little niece and my husband are both cancer survivors. I know this because I have let go of trying to control…and just have faith.

•         When do you feel most beautiful? In the arms of my husband.




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