Happy 10 Year Anniversary, Babe

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary, Gino and I did a W.O.D. together. Why? Because this is what we love to do and why not get sweaty together?!

You too, can turn the same old routine into a sexy date afternoon, build your relationship as you exercise, and increase hormones to make you feel happier and sexier, increase stamina and endurance…

Experts say couples who exercise together can have a positive impact on your relationship. Giving it straight from the “dynamic duo” (our name given to us in Cali); we’re a couple of CrossFitters who now own a box in Middletown (CrossFit Salus), do pretty much everything together with our toddler twins and are all about having fun!

3 reasons why the couple who CrossFits together, stays together:

It’s Sexy
Exercise releases feel-good hormones. Release some of spicy endorphins from your workout and that will provide a natural “high” to last through the evening.
Building better bodies maintains a physical attraction for one another that will last well past the honeymoon. Plus, mastering your strength, flexibility and endurance will help you perform better at the gym…and in all aspects in life.

Time together
We’re all busy. Setting aside that time to exercise together, we can ignore the stressors in our daily life and “strengthen” our marriage. And doing it together means you don’t have to choose fitness over time with your spouse.

A big part of working out is accountability. Having each other allows you to fully support each other through the journey. It provides a common focus on health and fitness and a personal betterment, which can help you flourish in every part of your life.

The physical, mental, and emotional challenges associated with exercising contribute to personal development in various ways. Sharing this life-changing commitment with your partner can generate a foundation that’s unbreakable.

And because we can never take ourselves too seriously, below are a few outtakes from some pictures we took for Redbook magazine online: “Cupid CrossFit” coming out in February.


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